Retail of the future

I've been thinking about the future of retail.  You will need some sort of  account to conduct business. You'll have to log into an account and the transaction will be stored electronically.  Or just by passing through the door your id will be scanned with a time date stamp.  Anyhow I haven't really played with the idea much.   I'm just trying to decipher a strange dream I had recently.  The customer and employee where separated by a computer terminal.  Business was conducted through the computer not direct human to human contact.


scientific method in pictures

  solving the mystery of how Sue got three broken ribs and a torn tendon.

masculine energy

Sometimes when you encounter a dynamic person it's impossible to not be affected by them.  Yesterday I experienced three dynamic men.  The energy level was changed immediately.  Masculine energy that is balanced is interesting because while it doesn't overwhelm it occupies a great deal of space.  It can be slightly intimidating but not terrorizing.  It creates well defined concepts and uncertainty.  It creates finality, and starting points.  It encapsulates and frees.  It's intriguing to experience.  Opposed to imbalanced masculine energy that creates terror, fear, destruction, confusion, dependency, and helplessness.  I didn't realize I was going to write any of this when I set out to create this post.


Maybe Jesus is Polish?

someone posted this comment:

Matthew Franke To be honest the first time I saw this, I thought it was Weird Al Yankovic.


Don't speak the enemy's language

Page 22, 5th September 1987 Rome (going backward)

The behaviour of Poles in St Peter's Square also comes in for criticism from Fr Hejmo. He says: "It is embarrassing to watch our people using physical force to get into general audiences and to hear their answer, 'Papa Polacco', when rebuked by the guards"; and adds: "Our pride in the Pope should also mean that we stay in our country, to maintain what can be maintained and endeavour to save what can be saved."
It can be safely assumed that Fr Hejmo is echoing the Pope's feelings here. Indeed, when in Poland in June the Pope spoke of the need to create appropriate conditions at home so that people would not seek to emigrate.