Two Former Presidents

Speak out against the current administration.   What Bush should be talking about is the close ties his family had to the John Hinkley Jr. family.  (guy who shot Reagan).  That would be far more beneficial knowledge.  Obama should be continuing on his anti law enforcement. Putting law enforcement 1st odds with lawmakers who create all the bizarre rules.


As good as it gets

What seems like a dynamic change the entertainment industry but it isn't. The sacrificed fatted calf is in all reality a retirement party.  Nothing will be different. Social engineering will continue. The same writers will be rewriting the same remakes.  Same money laundering schemes. Same nepotism. Same limited imagination. Same attempts to steal ideas. Same mediocre...Same me talking to myself.


California: laws

SB-2 Building Homes and Jobs Act.

- paying people to be homeless

SB-179 Gender identity: female, male, or nonbinary

- forcing people to choose


Eminem rhymes with cunt

Back in the 1970s the hobo Halloween costume was a flannel shirt stick with a handkerchief tied to the end and charcoal smeared on the face to look like a beard.
Eminem tries to take on the media version of Donald Trump. It looks like one of those class project videos. Where the student gets a grade for making a presentation.  The assignment was:
 Try and look competent using media talking points and current world events.
While dressed in a 1970s homemade halloween costume.
The purpose of the assignment was
(know you look like an absolute idiot and do it anyway).
He most likely got an A+
How's this guy considered to be a wordsmith?  Oh yea he chased tha teach-aa with a stay-plaa to change the grade on the pay-paa.


Article: How to spot a drug house

 This is how you spot a drug house:
"The owner of a rental property on Beechwood Place she represented was out of town, and she worried that the home was his. She was relieved to learn that it was not."

Key question:

Is it a rental?   
There is your answer if yes there's a high probability its a drug house.

Riverside County has come along way.  Back when it was common to find bathtubs used for cleaning parts.  The sofa in the garage was where people hung out. The living room was where they tore apart and rebuilt car/motorcycle engines.  Back then you couldn't be sure mechanic, or drug house.