As an American

What that means is debatable.  
From different points of view.  
In any geographical location.  

To me it means I have the right to be an individual.  During my lifetime I have never once seen individuality celebrated on any level.  Individuals are shamed and isolated.  Ridiculed and mocked. Fads, trends, get encouraged and are constantly changing.  Contempt for anyone who doesn't stay on a predictable path.  

The common theme is murderous rampage killing.  To kill as many individuals as possible. Why, because they won't follow along with ideology of the killer.  All of the killers have been people so desperate to FIT IN with society they lost their capacity to reason.  It wasn't depression, chemical dependency, religion, or ammo capacity.  It was the twisted insanity of conformity these people desired.  Look at how people with (followers) are idealized, and praised.  Even when it can be proven the followers are fake social media accounts.  Even when people are plied with gifts to act like a follower.  Encouraged to conduct themselves in predictable ways.  
There is the sickness.  
There is no cure.
There is no place for an individual in America.


end fossil fuel subsidies?

What?  You want to take away my car? My beloved internal combustion engine car?  The last vestige of independence and replace it with public transport, ride sharing, communal transport, animal drawn cart?  Are you out of your gourd?  How much more am I supposed to sacrifice to this eternally hungry god of asininity?


be careful before reading the following three words together it could open up a vortex
(working married mothers)

Did someone actually say those three words together in a sentence making it a complete idea.  Does this mean they really do exist and can come out of the shadows?

No?  Not yet.  Still just a myth...



Peter Theil at the RNC

Hmmm?  PayPal, Facebook and taking us back to that bright future. Interesting concept does this mean I can finally get my flying car?

Yawn. I didn't think it was possible for me to get bored with politics. It has happened.  Predictable, shoddy, tiresome.  Trying to act like humans haven't figured out the game, maybe someone should tell you.

You're gonna PayPal, Facebook and a giant leap for mankind.  Golly gee whatever will we do without angst and strife.  Why were gonna go backward because the lies need patching. That's how you fix a facade.

Too late perhaps someone cares...


penis in the window dirt

roof material flapping in the wind

laurels at bay

The nomination of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  Say good bye to the Christian stranglehold.  Put down the moral compass.  An entirely new point of view is emerging.