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Armed woman in a stand off at Topanga Canyon Mobilehome Park

At the link you can see the video.  It was entertaining watching the woman push the robot with a broom she then throws a rag on top of it the robot responds trying to shake it off.  It is humorous.  It reminded me for the Twilight Zone episode where the woman encounters the robots.  This might be a good reality show Robot Wars:  Robots vs Little Old Ladies.  They can ram them when shopping carts, disable them with hat pins, whack em with iron skillets, the possibilities are endless.

Twilight Zone: The Invaders in 2 minutes or less


"I think I'm the blockage in the plumbing." David Letterman

Finally he admits it.  A giant crap backing up the toilet.
Good riddance.
Why that twat stayed on the air as long as he did I will never understand.
Television will produce more flushable waste.
There's been a comedic drought far too long.
Too much social engineering has sucked the moisture and life out of the air.


Kamala Harris ad for Senate Seat starring the 3000 year police chief

The real question

Who can afford to go to Disneyland?

SB 277

People go to Disneyland get the measles and now we get mass hysteria.  Some of the people that got measles had been vaccinated..

Okay they want to force people to vaccinate their children.  I do wonder when they will force adults that haven't vaccinated since grade school to undergo a vaccination regime again.

I wonder what their plan is for non compliance.  People who refuse to be vaccinated will be shunned and left to shrivel up and die.  The won't be allowed to work with vaccination papers.  They'll be denied entry to public places, like grocery stores.  They'll have to release all the inoculated inmates so they can house the new breed of socially non compliant criminals.

If there was any doubt before this wipes the slate clean California is being run by brain dead vegetables.  There is no proof of life in Sacramento, somebody should pull the plug.


State garnishing wages for child support causes joblessness and crime?

Is divorce good for the economy because it creates two households where more goods and services need to be purchased.  Is there an incentive to remain single to qualify for more Government benefits.  Am I just not looking hard enough to find the forums where this is being discussed?   Would a rental agency rather rent to a person on Section 8 for guaranteed payments or a family that might lose a job in a bad economy?  Too many topics aren't being explored enough in the modern world of the internet.  Is it because journalists are hobbled by the modern notions?


Jumpin’ Jehosaphat!

Lordy I couldn't believe my eyes:  Pope Francis is quoted as saying  

“Many powerful people don’t want peace because they live off war.”

Is he saying what I think he is saying?  The way to peace is not through a relationship with Jesus Christ our savior.  Is he saying it is human will that holds the key to peace.   It sounds like blaspheme.   The Pope needs to decide if he wants to posture himself politically or ecclesiastically.  The Pope needs to decide if Christ is the center of the church or man.  If humans don't need Jesus than humans don't the Pope, or the Catholic Church.  

Someone needs to hold his feet to the fire and make him explain what on earth he is talking about.  Throwing around the word Peace like some drugged out hippie.

Especially when he is calling beheaded and burned Christians modern day martyrs.


spirit matter(s)

Last night at work I answered the phone.  The person on the line just sat there. I had to say hello twice before they spoke.  It was a man.  He said Oh hello.  Like he was distracted and hadn't realized anyone was on the line.  He said "I'd like to make a cross reference call."  I said "What is a cross reference call?"  He said I don't know.  I said "who were you trying to call?" He said Ray (some name I can't remember).  I said you called the wrong number.  I sat on the line quiet.  After 10 seconds I hung up.  Hours later I have a dream someone is telling me to come to the everlasting light.  I woke up thinking I was on the phone.

I've always gotten weird phone calls during strange times in my life.  Especially when something dynamic is about to happen.   I'm not clairvoyant. I never know what it means. I just know what it feels like when the real world starts to fade and I have to contend with spiritual matters.

I know I'm being asked to take the high road because right now it would be very easy for me to take the easy way I know so well.


realistic proportions

Let's pretend someone creates a teleportation system.  Let's say in this pretend world I wanted to teleport a pizza to my location.  There would have to be a place to teleport the pizza from.  So anyhow I'm trying to get a sober look at a pretend world and it is taking on many levels trying to get a visual here.  So maybe I would need a teleportation recipe for pizza like put in the proportions of the size pizza I want.  And somewhere along the way there would need to be an oven.