Lookie Here Californians

You can always tell be someone registers to vote Democrat in Riverside County.


The Lamb of God

Four guys tried to nail white guy to a cross.  They suspects were heard saying:  "Whitey Loves to suffer for the sins of others."  Whitey turned the other cheek.  The group of guys forgot to grab three giant nails.  They smashed his head with the 32oz framing hammer.  The Lamb of God rose above the parking lot hovering for 15 seconds.  The group saw evil whitey heal his own wounds and realized all the stories they'd been told since childhood were true about Evil Whitey.


"Now Go Home"

A new campaign to remind people that home is the best place to rejuvenate after a stress filled day.

It's a recycling program

What's the big deal, the government gives away surplus food and cheese.

Who's arming Orange County?


I have a great idea

Businesses can set up live cameras directly to the Internet.  Post the website, and let consumers watch for shoplifters and they can earn reward points, or coupons.  Criminals seem to be proud of their dirty deeds, give them a constant stage to perform upon.

Remember America back when people were, you know, sane.

That beer can hat (haha) 1975

Ebola is like parvo for humans

Real time USA/Canada map of ebola cases in North America

Sea Plankton in space

silverfish       A copepod family Eucalanidaeplankton


Call Governor Jerry Brown voice your opposition

Bill:  AB 1444 - Mandatory Kindergarten

Status:  Passed Both the State Assembly and the State Senate Aug. 20th
Now On Governor's Desk For Signature to Become Law or For his Veto

Quickly pass this alert on to others who might respond and then take the suggested action below.

CALL Governor Brown IMMEDIATELY at (916) 445-2841.  It is best to call between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

*   Rushing children into formal education by effectively lowering the age at which children begin formal education by mandating kindergarten will exact a heavy toll on the development of many children and will weaken the role of parents in their lives.  This is diametrically opposed to the message parents are routinely given, that parents need to be more involved in their children's lives.  However, parents cannot be more involved when the state either encourages or requires children to be with their parents for less time.  Research supports later rather than earlier entry of children into institutionalized settings for educational development to be the most beneficial.

*   AB 1444 encroaches on the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.  It ignores the long-standing presumption that parents act in the best interest of their children, by requiring parents to enroll their children in kindergarten rather than allowing them the choice specified in current law.  It disregards the parent's understanding of what would be the best course of action for his own child's education and development.  It is a detrimental one-size-fits-all program that would be forced upon all children by the government.


someone said 'Uncle'

They couldn't give the protesters the head of an officer on a platter, the dad on the show was named Darrin.

A message to any would be criminal from the Georgia Satellites

"Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

riding the serpent

Enjoying a storm cell, intermittent heavy rain.  I get to 7 before hearing thunder after each lightning strike.  Since 1:00A.M.

We want it All



Join the Movement

Did you have a Bowel Movement today?

sh!t 'appens

Is the media omitting facts?
Protesters have been lining the streets.  Some live in the neighborhood, others are coming in from other areas.  If a protester lives within walking distance of the protest they are walking home and using their own toilet.  Where are the people not from the area going to the bathroom?  No one is urinating, or defecating in the area?   Here are common human experiences.  
  • breathing
  • eating
  • drinking water
  • urinating
  • pooping 

The only conclusion to be drawn: Evil Whitey has constipated everyone within the protest zone. 

anal retention 

Anal Retentive Personality Motivational Poster by DaVinci41


Is Twitter an essential form of communication if you want to get to know a person better?

Tweet Your Turd

Why are police departments becoming militarized?

I know it's not politically correct to blame anything on a criminal, but
criminally minded people want to kill police officers why is that so hard to understand?

Last night while getting ready to go to work a news story ran about a Police Officer at the Lakewood Mall being viciously attacked by a coward who keeps in shape by punching out his woman.   It reminded me of an incident back in the late 1990's, a fat slob ambushed, two Sheriff deputies sheriff's deputies  Michael Haugen  and  James Lehmann  were called to a residence on a domestic dispute call.  To pour salt in the wound the local newspaper ran a picture of the slain officers on the front page.  

I implore you when shopping stay far away from nuclear families.  Give them a width berth.  Do not walk past them.  Do not make eye contact, or sudden moves.  Avoid being in close quarters with them.   If you have to be prepared to abandon your shopping cart and run full speed in the opposite direction.   Don't waste your time screaming, use your energy to run.  Don't park near them in parking lots.  Exercise extreme caution at all times.  Don't ever be lulled into a false sense of security.

Slain Riverside County sheriff's deputies Michael Haugen and James Lehmann were honored in 2005 when  Verbenia Avenue was renamed Haugen-Lehmann Way and signs for the exit off Interstate 10 in Whitewater were put up.


Liquor store looted, also known as shopping

How come I have to pay for stuff before I leave the store?  Who made up that stupid rule?
Get that f***ing cashier he represents the evil white man.  Evil white projection continues in the modern era.  Store owners trying to impose antiquated unreasonable evil white demands through their demonic minion cashiers.  We have to put an end to this treachery.

clerk vs criminal: America will always side with the criminal

Americans love criminals.  There is an app available to help plan your next American vacation. SketchFactor   You can plan to stay in neighborhoods were you have a high probability of being raped, mugged, stabbed, or racially profiled.  The app is fairly new and over time will be fine tuned to specifically target the type of victim you would like to be.  Here is an example of how the app works.  Not surprised that it's a put down of a retail clerk.  Americans love criminals.  Americans hate retail clerks.