Jesse Jackson Loius Farrakhan and the Press (33 years)

What is the preferred distance from the truth? How far is far enough?

Spending time giving to every whim and need for the notion of a worthy cause. Never spending anytime at all with family or loved one. Can someone explain to me what is the point?


a dick joke?

Q: What can a bird do that a man can't do? A: Eat with his pecker

Mello Roos

A major factor creating homelessness and serfdom.

Henry Mellow
Mike Roos



I Drink Your Blood

Toxic Zombies

Acting like you are dead is a waste of life.

A person wants your help.  Goes to another person to get them to ask for your charity.  Tell me you wouldn't be upset.  The person wanting help had no intention of ever acknowledging anything.  Now it's pictures of suicide silence.  You can't stop lying because you don't want to tell the truth.  I know you aren't dead but I know that isn't living.


updating my word list

Entertainment Industry

A grant guzzling, suck the life out of everything, diseased carcass.

slang usage:
used to describe a low point in a persons life.
The realization you're a great liar and your lies gargle the biggest balls in the Universe.  Antares and so on.

Step right up tell me I'm wrong right.

The Final Witch Hunt

The latest article is titled:
Blame Them Before They Can Blame You.

The articles says it's so effective you've you'll run out of people to blame.


not so friendly

Places like people can become unfriendly.
As I walked back toward ny car. The people I passed drug along their belongings in wheeled carts.  A prostitute wearing shorts and a tank top stood in the walkway forcing the government employees to pass her as they walked to their cars.  They really do need each other. Not a friendly place.  The buildings old architectural designs present a mockery of the modern world.  A place created for people to gather now only welcoming to the people no one wants to be around.


Merle Haggard remembers President Obama

Last night Merle Haggard Streep forgot to mention President Obama.  I remember the night he went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.