Entitlement and social classness

 My posts are becoming a vent for strange human encounters.  There is a never ending supply.  Perhaps it's just me that is strange.
Yesterday at work I'm helping a customer a woman interrupts and asks a half sentence question.  I think i understood and pointed her toward the product.  A few minutes later she is back grumbling to her husband that I didn't send her in the right direction.  I heard him said "but that is what you asked for."  I tired to say I misunderstood what you wanted.  The woman made it apparent she wanted nothing to do with me.  Her husband stood there trying to get her to see she was wrong for blaming me like she did.  She stomped off.  He stood there shaking his head in disbelief.   The situation was icky and not easily resolved I left it to simmer with her.  It heightened my awareness to the pushy rude customer that refuses to see the entire dynamic working around them in public places.  I didn't get enough information because I was talking to another customer trying to figure out what she needed.  I thought I was answering a complete question.  I did notice the woman had redness around her eye at first it looked like she was punched.  But it was a birthmark.  Did she feel entitled to interrupt my conversation.  From what I saw she was with a man that cared about her enough to correct her.  She refused to listen.  Maybe they talked on the ride home.
Later a woman came in she was very obviously stealing.  California law protects that behavior so I'm unable to state the obvious.  She went to leave and asked about returning an item without a receipt.  I said that particular item had to have a receipt to return.  She said " Your other store does it,  maybe it's because it's Hemet."   She laughed.  I'm not sure but I think she was meaning Hemet is lowly.  Unlike high class Temecula.  So she brings her non service dog shopping and thinks that and her kleptomania gives her a high social status.


God hates minivan drivers

Yesterday the drive home

I persevered in the face if adversity.  The wind was tossing all sorts of obstacles in my path.  The dust was thick like fog.  The tumbleweeds jumped the fences and rolled undecisive back and forth in the lanes like hesitant pedestrians.  Some were smashed into crumbs and blown around.  The traffic zoomed past me like there was perfect visibility.  It made me wonder if I was just imagining it all.  I remember how most drivers in Califorina are brain dead zombies so they don't react to hazardous driving conditions because it makes no difference to their well being.


A customer came in loking for these yesterday.

Woman falls in love.

Ive never had my picture taken with a famous person.  What sorcery takes place at these meet and greets ha ha

Like finding a needle in a well lit store the stuff dreams are made of.

Yesterday at work a girl that just happen to look like a junky came to the register and put a hypodermic needle down on the counter.  She said "I found this on one of the aisles you should confiscate it." Aside from the obvious lie that she found it in the store she mumbled something about not having the correct wallet.  The other one had the money in it.  What are the chances of going shopping with an empty wallet and finding a needle inside a store.  It seemed odd last night as the scenario unfolded but my guard was up because her and the guy she was with looked deranged.  However I fear this sort of encounter will become common place. Retailers will be required to except IOU's and provide needle disposal canisters for customers living in alternate realities.  The people who believe anything they say becomes potentially true.  Just believe in yourself. Dream big and all that sort if fluff.  Her use of the word confiscate was her attempt at a confession but not a cry for help.  A subtle gesture lost on me and the shocked customers she butted in front of to plead her case.  We wanted her to leave.  Go away.  Take her fantasies and get out.  Did she want to be normal?  I saw no glimner of hope or human qualities.  There isn't a rope long enough to save her from the hole she had dug.  She was going to have to climb to reach what was provided.  I didn't see any will to live in either of them.    He said she was his wife.  That is what made her come to the front.  She didn't trust him so she started trying to cover her ass by turning over the needle.  Whatever direction they were headed was trouble.

I didn't say anything because she looked like she was barely coping with reality and ready to come loose at the seams.  To the people that think drugs are wonderful and harmless forms of entertainment:  Please come and gather up your lost children they need you now more than ever.  They've worn out their welcome.

The police came a picked up the needle to dispose of it properly.  The couple wandered off into a chilly head trip of a long cold night.

I felt as if I spoke to devil living inside those two.  Sometimes it is the girl and sometimes it is the guy that has the stronger influence.  Most definanetly the guy was calling all the shots.


Is the Pope shaking the dust from his feet? Is the Pope done offering up the other cheek?

Pope Francis: No religious or human justification for Paris attacks Pope Francis said the attacks in Paris are "not human.” He said this is "hard to understand” and "a piece” of the "piecemeal Third World War.”


Campbell is Recalling 355,000 Cans of SpaghettiOs


elevator at the grand canyon caverns

i liked the evil looking dinosaur in front of the grand canyon caverns.  the blood along the jaw made it look menacing.  funny how the shadow looks like a kangaroo. 

 inside the caverns they built a stage and a room you can rent to spend rhe night in.   the guide said it is a great place to record music there is no echo.

 t-rex in a corral.  i didn't take a picture of the dope on a rope or the prehistoric miniature golf course.  i'd stop and take a pictures of everything.  passengers start complaining.  i kept driving.

 the tour guide had a strange cadence in her voice.  made it hard to follow along with her spiel.  i don't recall what was said about these.  

most of the trip was a running joke about my paranoia.  (everyone's a serial killer) it was funny how the same car that turned on to the road behind us on the way in was on the road in front of us as we drove out.  they didn't go to the caverns.  a strange coincedence perhaps.  coordinated security?  i dunno know 

on the ride up the elevator the guide stopped the elevator and opened the door to reveal a metal stair/ladder in case of emergency i thought that was interesting.  


What was that song?

I could hear the music but couldn't remember the lyrics to look it up.  I know it wasn't Bad Company Ready for Love but that's all i can hear in my head now.


Life without a penis

apollo's pink penis at caesar's palace las vegas nevada

 the flamingo on the strip las vegas nevada

hoover dam on the arizona nevada border

london bridge at lake havasu city arizona
Along route 62 (parker to hwy 10)people used rocks to write their names along the railroad tracks.  Someone made a penis.

Dancing with Caesar Augustus at his Palace in Nevada

Oatman Az. a nice place to visit