Deep in shit again.

" He also turned up at Catholic parishes or prayer groups in San Bernardino, Stockton, Fresno and Orange County, authorities said. "

The Church apparently isn't following protocol. This needs to be fully investigated by the each separate Diocese as well. There are serious breeches of the security going on here. He would have had to go through finger printing and several certifications to be allowed inside a Church building.
Every Church that took him at face value is committing fraud and should be immediately closed until they can be fully audited to make sure anyone and everyone that has access to parishioners has been vetted.

Man who allegedly posed as L.A. priest for years arrested, accused of defrauding churchgoers


During every election cycle. People have opinions whether you like/dislike, agree/disagree. No matter who gets elected there will always be plenty of blame.

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Watch Me (Knit/Crochet) Parody


Walmart closing stores but....

They just had a Grand Opening of a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Hemet.  That includes the two Superstores already in the valley.  Lake Elsinore is fighting the proposed Superstore being planned for their city.


pictures around the town

Light through the clouds on a mountain

Sunsetting coincidently behind a palm tree

Behemoth truck pulls car from the mud
Thee Olde Dreaded yellow traffic light


Two blackened eyes

Guy shows up at work with two black eyes. His friend says "What happened I thought you quit drinking and were going to church?" The man says "I was at church.  The woman in front of me her dress was stuck up in her butt crack.  So I tugged on her hem to get it out. She turned and whacked me in the head." The friend laughs "How'd you get that other black eye?" The man says "When I saw how upset she got, I decided to tuck it back in."