Frontier and the DMV

Frontier sent me a bill saying I owe $320.00. Last month my bill was $98.00.  I called and was told "Sorry your name doesn't show up on the account.  I can't give you any information".  I said "My name shows up on the payment so I won't be able to pay you". But wait he said " If you give me your date of birth and social security number I can add your name to the account".  "You can match my voice to my name address date of birth and social security number"?  I asked and added "That is simply amazing they give you that much authority and all you need is all of my personal identity info".

The DMV is holding an I.D card hostage.  The ransom note said.  "We have taken your paid in full I.D. card to an undisclosed location.  We are employees of the State of California.  We are incompetent and we can do whatever we want because we don't have to answer to anyone.  We have scheduled you another appointment with us to resolve this matter.  We will take another picture.  The picture will be sent before a board to determine if your face conforms to the new strict standards of what is an appropriate face in California.  Your face may be rejected.  Don't contact us for 60 days.  After 60 days you will need to contact us by phone and make an appointment for us to call you back. If you get hung up on, call back and reschedule a call back appointment.  If your face didn't meet California Standards you will be given another appointment to get a new picture taken.  If your I.D. card expires before your face is approved you will have to start the process over and pay your renewal fees.  The first three pictures are free. You will be charged a sitting fee after the 3rd rejection.  We have extreme mood swings and will be flipping the emotional coin to determine if you can have this issue resolved or not.  You are at our mercy.  You will be subjected to a long wait in hard plastic chairs. We overbook appointments during peak hours because of our backward thinking and ignorance.  You will wait in line with walk in customers.  In the confined quarters there may be contagious disease, screaming children, rude employees.  Overflow parking is a block away.


Homelessness the lie

The increasing number of street people in Hemet tells me there are plenty of resources being made available.  The city of Hemet utilizes federal grants.  (follow the money)
The carrot on a stick method:

Local citizens who feel compassionate are part of the problem.  When will the city write an ordinance stopping the follow of cash.  People who give money to panhandlers should be cited and fined heavily.  The money collected in fines should go toward hiring and paying the salary for more law enforcement.

Most of the supposed homeless persons in Hemet have actual houses they can go to.  Some guys have gotten women pregnant.  They aren't married so the single mother can get welfare benefits. This prevents the guy from being about to work at a job because his wages will be garnished.  Also prevents him from getting a bank account.  Others have families (parents, siblings, etc).
Media talks about he issue of veterans being homeless.
The issue of mental illness, or drug addiction contributing to homelessness.
The truth however is the majority of people who are claiming homelessness ARE NOT in fact homeless.  Living and working in area over a length of time you see familiar faces.  I've interacted with various people in different places and seeing how they utilize a variety of manipulative tactics. Is honesty an old fashioned concept?

Others don't want to follow rules of the housing available to them.  Some want to mingle and hang out and go home to gated communities.  Others have jobs and vehicles, they feel like king or queen amidst the artsy vibe of the street culture.  Not sure where to insert the topic of the caregiver scam, That is a major problem as well, in the leaky boat of government boondoggles.

It's not too surprising journalists are unable to see this.
It doesn't fit into the current social engineering point of view.
In other words it would never get past the editor.
A point of view I can relate to.  Is that too much to ask?



The best Female in the USA?

Hillary Clinton is the best female in the USA?
Young girls should aspire to be like her. Women of all age should too.  Every woman in the USA should start a 501 c 3 charity.  All women that are old enough should run for the Senate.  All women should become career politicians for life, and feel entitled to their position.  Women should make empty promises and laugh about political assassinations. Everything that Clinton woman has done should be considered admirable and embraced with fervor. Including hiring Colombian prostitutes for herself and having the gay secret service agents take the blame.

The two women aren't looking at the gay SS agents in blue shirts.
They are focused on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Los Angeles California loves its homeless community so much

Los Angeles  loves its homeless community so much they sent large numbers of them to vacation in Hemet California this summer.  Each were given a free one way bus ticket.  
Los Angeles loves its homeless community so much they have organized a benefit concert in honor of the homeless community.  
Los Angeles loves its homeless community so much with the purchase of a ticket you can go and listen to music.  With the price of admission you can help the homeless and insure there won't be any smelly homeless people wandering around while you sit in the park.  You know like when Pope Francis visited they shook 'em outta the trees and cordoned off the area for his safety.  


Weston Park Hemet California

This park has green grass and trees.  Picnic tables. A play area for children.  Swings and things to climb on.  What is the park missing?  Children and families.  No one would dare take their children to this park.  No one would dare have a picnic in this park.  Why?  It has been over run with street people.  They fist fight and fix their bicycles.  Flop around with shopping carts full of their belongs.

The same street people who want citizens to take sympathy on them.  Put out an ominous vibe.
Are the good people of Hemet allowed any sympathy?
Are citizens allowed to feel good about the city they live and work in?

Why is responsibility one sided?  Why does charity look like Weston Park?  I know one thing is for sure. Not one of these street people would be in Hemet if the charity they receive wasn't so free flowing.  Why do the recipients look and act this way?

Why I ask, but is there an answer?


Jeopardy Teacher Tournament

I missed the name of the category but the questions were fill in the blank on a variety of 10 Commandments.  Each teacher after pressing the button quick enough to answer furled their brow and answered hesitantly.  They each looked ashamed they knew the answer.  Pitiful

Deconstructing Christianity

Specifically. Exclusively.  All religious doctrines must be spared. Christianity needs to be parsed to its core.  For curiosity? Hatred? No one can clarify. An attempt to remove it entirely from discourse of civil society.  To recycle it? The modern world doesn't want to repurpose the gift of Christ.  There is no need for Christianity in civil society.  Civilization only needs Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddism science and politicians.  The new civil order has no use for laws, or boundaries.  Unless, of course, no I won't acknowledge that.  It's not for me to decide.



How is it different?

Being hyper critical of a person, or having a permissive attitude that imposes unrealistic expectations free from criticism. Neither can develop a sustainable perspective under the oppresive tactic designed to induce navel gazing.

politics as usual


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In folklore, the five-second rule states that food (or sometimes cutlery) dropped on the ground will not be significantly contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds of being dropped.

you'll never know what it's like

you'll never know what it's like