Customer Service Satisfaction Survey (terror)

I am being haunted by a glitch in a customer service satisfaction survey.  Are companies required to provide the margin of error in survey results being used to evaluate their employees?  A machine is asking questions a person is answering.  How are the results tracked.  I know something went wrong with a survey.  I am being called a liar.  I can't defend myself against a machine.  A machine that no one can question.  A machine that is above question.  It is being assumed because I am the first to complain, I am the only complainer.  I am bothered by the fact that I know something went wrong and the people accusing me have no way of verifying the survey.  The people accusing me have no interest in trying to understand the situation.  In my view this is a huge problem not just because it is currently effecting me.  I'm concerned there is no standard of quality control being used to monitor machines monitoring humans.


Degradation of Western Civilization

Darlin' The Beach Boys 1967
Be Still The Beach Boys 1968
I'm Not In Love 10 cc 1975
Welfare Mothers Neil Young 1979


spell check?

We stopped having fun a long time ago

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Journalist Who?
Journalist of Archaic English words that are not supposed to be funny.


which White Savior will win November election?

Political diversity?
The white savior is as important as the person who became famous by way of victim hood, and oppression.  It's as important as finding underlings to be charitable towards for your 501 (c) 3 status.
Create a cause.  Sit here and be a good little victim while I fetch you some staples and a blanket.
One more thing to check off the government grant-getter list
Next set up a pig trough style slop kitchen.
Help little old lady cross the street.
Adopt- a -Highway with the sole purpose of never fixing the pothole. Never pick up debris blame it on the wind.

profiling the bicyclist

The type of person who rides a bike. Doesn't carry a lock. They always park their bike in front of the door. They don't care if it is blocking the entrance. They don't care if it is blocking a walkway.
They don't care who they inconvience.  What they want is all that matters.  They won't consider themselves sharing the city. They think riding on pavement and concrete just magically appears wherever they want to ride.  Who would be so cruel to tell them to think otherwise?


Crème de menthe

Sidney Blumenthal 

how it lingers

Good bye internet I'll miss you

Good bye indoor plumbing, automobiles, electricity and television.  Cell phones, grocery stores.  Following a thought to completion...hardy har har

somethings to ponder about politicians, especially career politicians

They don't use the DMV, drive in traffic, or need to swerve around pot holes. Sit on hold with their ISP, television company, telephone/cell phone company.  Many examples of how far removed from everyday life that effects and shapes the daily lives of voters.


Thanks for nothing

Recipe for a California Poop Sandwich

What you'll need:
property owners
mentally hobbled politicians
anarchist soup kitchen

Arrange mentally hobbled politicians on a dais.

Drop property owners into a blender on puree, pulse for 30 seconds at 3 second intervals.
pour through strainer. separate liquid from pulp set aside liquid

close every private company in the State of California

accept applications for helpless street people

provide for every whim

serve warm and steaming

provide 2 ply toilet tissue


I don't think the government let me down

Hillary claims to know the mindset of Americans.  I don't know anyone who thinks the government let them down.  I know plenty of people who realize the government depends on honest people to do the right thing no matter what they are confronted with.  So the reality is some Americans have been put on such a high pedestal that they are believed to be super human and able to withstand the bombardment of radical social engineering.

Area Code 453

If you see that area code in your caller I.D. it was a hard boiled egg that called you.


Say your last hello to Christianity

A big thanks to you for this final curtain call.  Enjoy your comedy without the familiar target. Enjoy your music, artwork, and theatre. Feel your way around call out with no response.  Enjoy your new world surrounded by internet fans.
By now you should be used to oppression and hardship. The struggle. The lies the muse. Remember how terrible it was living under oppressive Christian values. The time has come to enjoy what you have sown.  A world of religion without Christ.



Best Ever To Tell The Truth Feb 18 1963 Surprise Ending

New protocol for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance


Human branding
The horrible aspects of human history. How humans treat each other.
In the modern world seeking fairness, freedom from oppression, and social justice it would seem branding would be looked at with suspicion.  However branding is seen as an honor. Name recognition. Easily identified. Without much effort assumption can be made.