Has it always been about preserving tissue?

Fetal Tissue From Abortions for Research Is Traded in a Gray Zone

History of Fetal Tissue Research and Transplants
Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  July 27, 2015.

Why drug companies need human tissue—especially liver
By Danielle Paquette July 17

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Different accidents on Hwy 74 in July 2015 UPDATE

Hwy 74 accident

Hwy 74 accident

Hwy 74 accident

HOMELAND: Person killed in Hwy. 74 wreck

HOMELAND: Fatal crash victim ID'd

Miscellaneous stuff to write about

Last night I had to stop and get gas.  My tank was near empty.  I shut my car off at the pump was digging for my wallet.  A guy with a cart walks up pulling a cart and starts digging in the trashcan.  He was wearing a shirt that said: Alcatraz Psycho Ward.  I figured he had a sense of humor but didn't feel comfortable getting out of my car.  Another car pulled up to pump gas.  The guy left his cart and walked to the dumpster far away from the gas pumps.  I felt better about getting out.  I started to pump my gas and knew it would take a bit to fill the tank.  I started gathering up the empty water bottles in my car to give to the guy digging in the trash for recyclables.  I told him I was going to leave a few bags on his cart.  We started talking I asked him about his life.  He answered by choosing his words carefully.  I don't think he was trying hide anything, it sounded more like he had been thinking a long time about his life and wasn't accustomed to talking about it.  I have found over the years when I have talked with people who are drifters men generally have a lost love story a woman did me wrong type scenario.  Women generally are incoherent and usually their reality break comes from having their children taken from them.  I suggested it was a good idea to keep connected in some way because it is easy to get scattered and lost in thought.   Anyhow my night continued on. I saw a bunny outsmart a coyote.  I saw grayish white figure in an area near Divine Word Seminary that startled me.  It looked real until I realized my eyes were playing tricks on me.