Like a bad penny

Thomas Rhett - T-Shirt Keith Urban - Wasted Time Guns and Roses named in the lyrics of those two pop country music songs. Guns and Roses play on stage with AC/DC Too many lies...too many. Yep, I'm talking to you.

HEMET: Caltrans gets pushback on Highway 74 raised median

The $7.4 million project will add a raised median to an 8-mile stretch of Highway 74 from west of Cawston Avenue east to the Ramona Expressway.
It is part of a larger project that will see a median on the 74 all the way to Lake Elsinore.


Each person is given a unique point of view

Yesterday I saw two Red tail Hawks fall to the ground fighting over a squirrel.  They both had their talons gripped into the squirrel.  They fell in the middle of the road.  The fight continued.  Another Red tail Hawk flew down near them.  I assume it was a family.  The winner stayed on it's side in the road gripping it's prey.  The two others flew off.  A car pulled up next to the bird in the road.  The hawk without letting go of it's prey righted himself and flew off.

It was really amazing to watch.  On my human side what was occurring.  I was working.  I had been given an assignment.  I called the customer letting them know I had arrived at the designated location. I hung up and was waiting.  My phone rings it is my employer asking where I am.  I said "I am waiting for the customer".  My phone rings again.  It is the customer saying "Where are you? I don't see you." I gave him the address he starts yelling "What?  Why are you there?" I said "Call the home office let them know there has been an error."  I call the home office to let them know what happened.  My co worker on the phone asks if I had gone to lunch yet.  Everything worked out okay ultimately.

It was interesting watching this unique event, while chaos erupted on the phone.

I always enjoy watching nature.  I'm thankful when I witness such events.


Getting out of the way of the flow

Barely slept last night.  I'm not sure what the day has in store for me.  There is no where for this situation to go.  From where it left off it will become chaotic.  It will most likely begin with polite people greeting me and before the day is done another incident will most likely occur.  I am going on faith today because I haven't a clue what has come over my co-workers.  There is a struggle of some sort and I'm not sure how it involves me.


Today at work

My manager called me crazy. Not zany fun crazy but psychotic insane asylum crazy. It didn't stop there he took several mean spirited swipes at me. In front of a group of co-workers they laughed and joined in on the dog pile. I didn't say anything and let them go on and on. It's a great way to see the real nature of a person. I finally said "You don't even know me." I've worked here 2 months. He has been my manager for 2 weeks. I doubt he knows my last name. I found out he is having problems in his personal life, he is obviously projecting things on to me. Where to go from here I don't know. I think things are going to get worse. All of this came out of no where and it took me very much by surprise. I don't know if they have someone else who wants my job. I don't know if the group just got caught up in the moment and were enjoying being evil. Early in the day I found a paper that said: "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."


Americans get fake news, China gets a fake Island. Americans get fake political dilemmas.

Fake War is better than Civil War because you don't have to be polite in a Fake War, like you would in  Civil War. civil; polite urbane
"Do you mind if I shoot at you Sir"?
"No not at all.  Thank you for giving me a chance to take cover."

PGA moves Tournament to Mexico.
To get Mexico inline with American laws?
To get away from American laws and regulations?
Golfers can now wire $1500.00 a day to the USA through DineroSeguro


Registrar of Voters reaches a new low

The time  I saw the poll worker pull my ballot out of the sleeve and look to see who I voted for.  I thought that was the lowest point in American politics.  No I was wrong. The Registrar of Voters changed my voting preference.  That is lower.  Don't know what could be worse but I have a feeling when November gets here I will have to witness an even lower blow to voting in America.


Churchwarden pipe

I've been trying to find a Chruchwarden pipe for a very long time.  The type I see readily available in stores are gigantic but anyhow.  The Churchwarden seems to be some big elaborate hoax.  Forcing people to believe there was evil in the world during a time of relative world peace.  The churches staged elaborate hoaxes to convince parishioners and citizens they needed to live in fear and turn authority and governance over to people who could protect them.  Yeah I know it sounds odd, but human nature always defaults to one needs Christianity do they?  Now we have beauty vloggers to make you afraid you aren't pretty enough to walk around in public unless you spruce up your Temple of the Lord.  Buy yourself a box of Ritz crackers all round wafers are created equal.

“The altar…is marble, which prevented the fire from spreading. I can't imagine what would have happened with a wooden altar. The consequences for our church would have been tragic.”
He also said that on May 15, another unknown person desecrated the tabernacle which contained the consecrated hosts in the church at Jonquières