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Catholic imagery is popular when someone wants to mock Christianity.  Is it because other religious traditions are dull and boring.  Is it because other religious traditions wilt under the heat of embarrassment?  I think of it as endearment, and a gratitude.  This mockery is actually nervous laughter acknowledging the reality they would face in opposition to each other without this Christian scapegoat.


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What are the chances:

Of a rattlesnake biting a flea?  It might be impossible because the fangs don't meet.


Irish Goddess Macha

Because I was nice to you, you owe me, due and payable on demand.

So I went over the managers head and asked to see where in my job description it says I have to give an employee a ride home.  He said it doesn't.  I said you need to tell your manager to stop telling me I have to, and have her stop asking other employees to give her a ride home too.  It just comes down to them being bullies.  They are part of a cliche and each benefits from the others shadow side.  It is tough to navigate this type of interpersonal relating.  But it is what I always encounter in groups of people.  There is no getting around it.


everyone is entitled to their opinion

Yesterday at work I was told by the manager.  "You will have to work things out with the no name employee who is having prolonged car trouble."  I said "What do you mean"?  Manager said "You will have to work out a solution and give no name a ride home if no name needs one."   I said "No."  "Schedule yourself to work with no name and you can give no name a ride home that solves everything."

Today I'm going to see If I can get it in writing that have to give this no name employee a ride home as part of my job duties.


I believe in nice people that help me...

It's a regular day.  The phone rings.
Thank you for calling blah blah blah how can I help you?
Yea Hi it's me <no name employee>  I'm having trouble starting my car.  I'll be late to work.
Okay thanks for calling.
*40 minutes later* <no name employee> shows up in the building.
I brought my car to show you it doesn't work.  I have to wait until some nice person jump starts my battery, because I don't believe a tow trucks, or mechanics.  I believe in nice people that help me.  Oh and I can't work today bye.

To be continued...


Exploring the depravity that is the Affordable Care Act. ACT I

Got an early morning call from 1-866-704-1590

a recorded message told me to call

1-866-704-1590 ext. 2229893

I called 1-800-552-8159.
I said someone is committing fraud and is filling prescription drugs in my name.  The operator asked what is your birth date?  I said August 19, 2015.  The operator said that is impossible.  I said I was born yesterday.  I also believe that you don't realize your company is trolling for customers.