Getting spooked in the Emergency Room

On a recent trip to the emergency room.  I watched as the patient had his blood drawn.  Four vials lined up side by on a tray.  Once the table was clear of medical equipment what remained was a small pool of blood.  The deep red blended with the fake wood laminate.  There is a possibility she assumed it was only water.  She retrieved a paper towel from the dispenser wet it and wiped the table top with water from the tap.  When she left the room I opened a drawer to find an alcohol swab to disinfect the table.  What I found were a handful of packaged squares that said nail polish remover.  I opened several  and wiped the table top.  The strange smell of remover filled the room.  I started to wonder if the cleaning lady just drew blood.  Had I awoken from a nightmare, wide awake in a 3rd World nail salon/emergency room any town USA.

God give us not what we deserve, but grant us your forgiveness.


building a better fly swatter

Looks like it was a success.  Mission accomplished.  Available for home use Spring of 2015.

watch free internet porn before Erection Day Nov. 4 save money get informed about California politics

More Californians are ditching cable and saving money watching basic tv channels, regardless of what these three writers claim.  The Majority of Californians know absolutely nothing about politics.   No one knows who any of the judges are that are on the ballot.

When someone says pension you should think porno, paying perverts that are untouchable


Fresh is one of those strange words

clean hands dirty fingernails

When was the last time you saw a person prepare food wash their hands?

eye of the tiger

I saw three different people wearing tiger shirts yesterday.
fashion trend?
clearance sale?
Who knows.


Why aren't adult diapers marketed toward everyone with a busy lifestyle

If you eat or drink something it is going to come out.  Simple logic right?  If you are sick it is probably going to come out faster, right?  If you are on medication it might come out more often.  Don't wait until the last explosive second, when it turns into a dire emergency.   

I want to add to the list of certainties in life:
  • death
  • taxes
  • bowel movements
  • urination

The sign out front read: House of Whores

Police: Man sexually assaulted haunted house patrons

What is scarier than a white dude wearing a sheet? A complete stranger humping your face in an abandoned house. Maybe the guy thought he was being realistically scary.



Mexico City Journal; Anniversary of '68 Massacre Brings Facts to Light

Published: September 14, 1998

Mexican Teacher Protests Turn Up Heat on President

Teachers, States Protest Mexico’s Education Reform

MAY 16, 2014

by AQ Online

Protesters burn Mexican city’s government offices over suspected murder of students

 October 13


Is it possible to always have at least 6 pennies?