Nine Thousand

When taking the global temperature:

Which life form is the global thermostat attempting to accomodate?
Where do we put the thermometer?


Dogs are people too

Saint USB port

Three sofas on the same road. Maybe it's grandstand seating for a Homeland Parade.

A strange phenomenon 3 households with adults don't know they have to contact their refuse company for a special pick-up.  How do these residents manage to find a house to live in without some basic knowledge?


Psst California it's not a drought it's the desert.


 noun \ˈdrat\ 
a prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired

The amount of water that passes through a water meter is calculated.  The amount of water that passes through the drainage system can be calculated.  The amount of water that soaks into the ground, and the amount of water that is evaporated into the air can be statistically measured.  My understanding of science is there is no more or no less water within the planet earth system.  The amount of water here is constant in a combination of it's three forms liquid, gas, solid.  Unless someone has come up with a way to permanently prevent hydrogen and oxygen atoms from combining, I don't understand the issue. Just because the Government incorporates a city, puts in greenbelts and irrigation it can't change a leeward plot of land to a windward plot of land with a zone designation through the planning commission.  However the Government can make laws that punish you for using too much water, and not enough water.  As if civilization rests on the balance of every citizen using their prescribed daily ration of water.  In the future there will be a meter put on your drain to make sure you are sending water back to the facility, or you pay a fine for allowing it to percolate into the soil.  I don't know of any private citizens that can build a high density house development without an approval of a Government agency.  How does this issue become a shared dilemma when the Government is in entire control of where building is allowed. Oh wait I'm not being entirely fair there is a public platform where the public can speak for 3 precisely timed minutes.

California's new motto "Stop thinking we will do that for you."


The Mothership landed

The Mother ship landed and accidentally knocked over a Power pole on Santa Fe st.  They left a business card with a Geico insurance agent phone number.  A spokesperson for the City said the phone went straight to voicemail.  The City is waiting for a return call from the reptilian agent.


More news that doesn't add up to a complete story

Coyotes charge US$9,000 I heard this number on the TV news.  So how do impoverished people raise $9,000.00 US dollars?


How did the humanitarian crisis in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, become a racist issue?

In Guatemala over 50% of the population is Catholic
In Honduras 97% of the population is Catholic
In El Salvador the Catholic church seems to be losing followers

I was born Catholic, I still consider myself Catholic.  For as long as I can remember the Catholic Church has always asked it's parishioners for money, and other charitable donations for other Nations.  The humanitarian crisis is born and thrives within Catholic dominated countries, but when it crosses into the United States of America is becomes a racist firebrand.  I don't think this is a productive, or reasonable summation of the issue.  Last month Pope Francis excommunicated Italian mobsters.  Here is a good example of making a spectacle out of something to make a point to others watching.  Mostly a symbolic gesture, since public hanging, burning at the stake, or drawing and quartering a human nowadays is viewed as barbaric, and inhumane.  Besides the fact a Catholic can always find a church they can receive the Eucharist. (you can't catch me nanny nanny nanny)

It is important to keep the topic clear without mixing up issues.  The Catholic church needs to honestly evaluate this situation.  The Catholic church needs claim this crisis as their own.  Stop allowing good, hard working, Americans from having to take the brunt of a crisis that is completely a Catholic crisis.  A spiritual crisis.

Where in the Body of Christ are we allowed to shift blame?

Being female on planet earth in 2014

Two different sexual assault stories. Both have the same theme.  A woman is sexually assaulted in a public place.  One inside a business, one across the street from the Police station.  The Hemet case hasn't revealed a description of the suspect, which is disturbing given the high number of sex offenders living in the valley.  
 It seems sexual assault is like earning a badge of courage.  Especially when it is a brazen attack, as if the audience is important.  In other words these type of attacks are giving the impression that society is okay with watching women being sexually assaulted, thus becoming a New World rite of passage.  It would seem in the mind of the attacker they had nothing to hide, or be ashamed about because the thinking is, it's expected.  The world is becoming unfamiliar to me.
Virginia: Police arrest Alexandria man accused of sexual assault at drugstore

HEMET: Sexual assault reported near library


Catholic Church encourages illegal immigration after losses from molestation scandal

The illegal aliens represent exactly what the Catholic Church needs right now...largely uneducated and devoted worshipers with jobs. The illegal aliens will be all-too happy to place their children in Catholic schools (largely funded by school vouchers). If Congress ever grants amnesty to all illegal immigrants, they will fill the now-darkened parishes throughout the U.S. Most of these people speak very little English and most lack even an elementary school education, they are much more likely to keep their mouths shut once the priests begin to have their way with their children. The shell game of shifting molesting priests around will begin again and the faithful will continue to fork-over ten percent of their wages to the church.

In the 1940’s, the Catholic Church helped Nazis escape prosecution to begin new lives in South America. At least from the 1960’s to the present, the church chose to protect child-molesting priests over innocent children. Now, to save itself, that same Catholic Church is encouraging an illegal invasion of this country...Is it any wonder that this church has become irrelevant to most Americans?

Stephen King told 100 buses with women and children from South America headed to his Estate...

Catholic memories

Sheriff Tom Dart on reforming Cook County Jail

This interview reminds me of a strain within Catholic ideology.  
That loathes poverty.  
Loves to shame people.  
Utilize guilt trips to teach life lessons. 
This video brought back memories that are accompanied by the feeling of nausea.
The attention focused on the Catholic church never gets beyond any of the safe conversations. 
I know I'm not saying anything definitive here, I just have lots of memories with no place to go. 

SE corner of Florida and Sanderson Hemet Calif.

I'm sitting at a red light and notice a car pull into a drive-thru of a restaurant that hasn't opened yet.  There's a large banner strung across the entryway of the drive-thru.   
Opening Soon

See banner in red circle

There is another location on San Jacinto st.  It's gross.  
Eat here at your own risk.  

Plus this building is on a demon portal, I'm not at all surprised this particular business name expanded here.


When people say California Conscience this is what they mean:

Beer or Bus Fare?
Hold on a minute,  raising money for a school fundraiser in the middle of Summer?  An 8 year old child working in California. (but, but) I thought there were labor laws against children working.  It's probably for their glorified panhandling class.  They have to raise enough money to buy Sterno and tube socks for a class project.  Thankfully this woman came along to shed some light on the deterioration of the public education system in California.  She will end up being a hero some day.

(XY2(XX)(XY)  ≠  baby formula

Okay so they were caught stealing.  This group should at least get an award from the City of Glendale for waiting around until police arrived.

From criminals who acknowledge they are playing a game 
and as a result don't take themselves too seriously.


Back when Hemet knew the city was in the desert, houses in the valley had rock lawns sprayed green

California couple conserving water amid drought could face fine for brown lawn


(Reuters) - A Southern California couple who scaled back watering their lawn amid the state's drought received a warning from the suburb where they live that they might be fined for creating an eyesore - despite emergency statewide orders to conserve.

...warning they had 60 days to green up their partially brown lawn or pay a fine ranging from $100 to $500.