When I think of Los Angeles

One of my coworkers said he was visiting L.A. over the weekend.  When I think of Los Angeles I think of angry people.  Crowds of bad manners. People crapping in greenbelt planters.  When I think of Los Angeles I think of riots, protests.  Angry people that love being angry.  People that love to have hurt feelings. People that want to cause trouble because for them that is fun.  People who love to be led astray.  When I think of Los Angeles I think of people who like to pretend.  They pretend so exquisitely they forget they are fake.  I see the images but I can't feel any connection to  the things that are there.  I deliver the L.A. Times newspaper once a week.  Living in the Inland Empire I feel distant from other parts of California.  Like no one wants to admit the I.E. is part of California.  Like this is some dirty little secret.

Milo Yiannopoulos should sing a gay version of the song.

Benny Mardones Into the Night 1980

Benny Mardones Into the Night
rereleased 1989

remember you are dust

palm fronds+fire=ashes


Let state Sen. Janet Nguyen be heard

I'm thinking it was to not the appropriate place to air grievances.
However in place where laws are created those involved should be able to cope with equal meaure all sides of an issue.

Catholic cool

Maxine Waters said she lied about her age to get a Social Security card

how the media handled this revelation:

The glaring truth has blinded the media from unbiased reporting...

Where Is The Priest Who Sexually Abused MiloYiannopoulos?

Where Is The Camp Counselor Who Sexually Abused George Takei?
(no such article exists)

Kermit the Doctor meets Kermit the Frog,...but that's none of my business


Kermit Gosnell and Milo Yiannopoulos

Just a reminder these two need to be talked about.


Norma and her shallow relationship with Gloria

Gloria's career summed up here beautifully.
Standing before a crowd, microphones. Lights. A circumstantial victim.
Gloria really has a knack for finding and capturing circumstantial victims.


The Patrick Madrid Show, Feb. 21, 2017 – Hour 3

I heard this on the radio Tuesday morning thought i'd share it.

Immaculate Heart Radio podcast

two stories that should be looked at:

2017 shouldn't bury these discussions, but kept in the headlines permanently.
Milo speaks frankly about gay culture, suddenly everyone shocked Read more at:

Kermit Gosnell to Will Smith: There'd Be No 'Men in Black' if I Had 'Dropped You on Your Head'

Archbisop Cruz punched during Mass

Two camera angles during a Mass...hmmm...Will the story ever get sorted out...


The Rembrandt Conspiracy

The sudden storm
global warming


Work ethic in 2017

The current American work ethic is a mindset of employees imagining they are on vacation. Customers are viewed, like an inconvenience to a tourist at a vacation paradise.  Murmurs and outraged demands "Do something about these pests immediately".  Depending on the field of work some employees imagine they are part of a fun house. Their duties include frightening and confusing customers.  Some work environments are open mic night for wannabe comedians. The customers treated as real or imagined provocative hecklers.  The underlying concept shaping the point of view of the employee is:  I have a job at this precise moment and in this space and time you as a customer don't.  Therefore the employee feels morally superior and the world belongs to them.  It will benefit the consumer immensely to grasp the concept while navigating the ever changing social expectation requiring modern compliance.

Dwight Twilley I'm on Fire

Musing poverty whiteness and the dangers evoked

Elton John has a fav picture of a small girl that looks tormented.
What is awakened when curious types wonder about the nature of white people?  It is so horrible no one wants to poke at it with a 10' pole.  The closest Mrs. John will get to it is a 80 year old photograph.  So what is it that has the entire universe terrified?  Are you morbidly curious enough to pick up that stick and inquisitively poke.  No? I didn't think so.  The giant stone blocking that corridor will be put back into place. Until some brave soul is righteous enough to discern this uncharted territory.
Mr. John most likely sent out a drunken tweet. He's been trying to concoct a believable reason for musing about whiteness. I'm sure he'll go into hiding until the death threats subside.




Not only was a large crowd descending on the priory, but with the people came many disagreeable signs, shirts, and hats, some of which had messages that were anti-Catholic, pro-abortion, vulgar, or even pornographic. Nevertheless, those carrying or wearing these things had the courtesy to cover them up. The fervor that may have animated the large crowd did not go so deep as to make people oblivious or rude to flesh-and-blood humans.