The news media is promoting sex trafficking as a legitimate business.

An actress/entertainer is booked by her agent/manager to have an affair.  It's similar to women who have an agent/pimp but they call it a date.  Can the media reconcile this topic because they are legitimizing sex trafficking as a path to fame and fortune.


Black Market Escape Rooms in Upland, which opened with “MurderCo” on April 5.

‘We consider it the nation’s first rated-R horror experience, because of its extreme, graphic content,” Cooke said. “It is extreme and scary, but at the end of the day it’s still fun.”

The basic premise of “MurderCo” is that an underground black market sports ring has given you the opportunity to watch a murder.


89-Year-Old Woman Says She Was Attacked by Ontario Explosion Suspect in Home Invasion

Ester Gonzalez said she recognized Hugo Gonzalez in the news coverage following Thursday’s incident at the store. The two are not related and she had never seen him before he rang her doorbell earlier this week.
She told KTLA through an interpreter that Gonzalez pretended to be delivering a pizza when he forced his way into her Rancho Cucamonga home, threw her to the ground and tied up her arms with zip ties.
She said she thought the man was going to kill her. Gonzalez, 49, of Fontana, took some electronics and eventually left the home.
 Thursday, Gonzalez was seen on surveillance video going into the Sam’s Club wearing a medical mask and detonating the explosive.