More Goat News but not Muslim Goat

“This is not a game. It’s very serious to us,” Daniels said in a phone conversation this week.

This is very serious and very exclusive as they ONLY target Catholics

Goat News
And at livestock markets, the hindquarters of goats and sheep must be covered in order to prevent men from viewing their genitalia and having uncomely thoughts.

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ADAPT says it wants to sue Little Rock police over arrest of protesters

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The ADAPT statement from group organizer Mike Oxford seemed to take issue with those arrests in particular, noting that the sidewalks in Little Rock are not ideal for wheelchairs and can cause them to "get stuck or tip over." Many of the ADAPT demonstrators and a number of those who have been arrested are in wheelchairs.

"We have repeatedly tried to explain to the Little Rock Police that the sidewalks jeopardize many people in our group," Oxford wrote. "Many of the officers have quietly agreed with us that they are a safety hazard yet the city and police administration insist that we must stay on the side walk 'no matter what.'


Which is the bigger problem:

People can't read?

Published writers can't write?

Just like President Obama ”I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this. I think it was on Friday.”

The owner of an upmarket ladies clothing shop called ISIS has become the victim of a hate campaign – after people mistook the business for evil Islamic terrorists.

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ISIS ISIS Rah Rah Rah   
Gooooo Team


On the Third World twitter account someone posted a selfie sitting on the kybo

Could this be Cause and Effect of American Journalism techniques:

Throughout this epidemic, public health officials have battled widespread fear and even doubts that the virus exists at all. The deadly attack illustrates the danger that health workers face as they try to spread information about the virus in an effort to control the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.The attack occurred in an area near where riots broke out last month because people feared that workers disinfecting a market were contaminating people, according to the BBC.


Drone in Homeland?

This was hovering over my house today.

Political nonsense ready to wear

We The People need a law on the books that says a politician's bright idea has to be made into a garment and needs to be worn by any politician that supports it.


Planned Parenthood to the rescue. Save the planet from evil white people.

Young Woman Who is Crowdfunding Her Abortion Gets Shut Down By Popular Fundraising Website

Autumn's Law

"Autumn's Law" - Hold Abusive/Neglectful Parents Accountable

When a parent/guardian knows or should have known that their child may pose a threat to third persons, it is the parents/guardian’s responsibility to minimize that risk.  A child’s issues are not the responsibility of his/her school, state, teacher, counselor, law enforcement, community, neighbors or church, but instead, the primary responsibility of the child’s parents/guardians
When the parents/guardians of a minor murderer are proven to have failed in their parental responsibilities by ignoring warning signs, failing to treat their children’s mental/emotional/behavioral issues and by fail to ensure proper supervision of their child, the parents/guardians actions/lack of actions becomes a contributing factor to the loss of life and lifelong devastation inflicted on their victims and their victims’ families. As such, they should be held criminally responsible. 


FCKH8 campaign "Hey White People" video

White people do your part.
Get an abortion today.  
Your evil whiteness 
is oppressing these 
delightful young people.  

"...we love to touch ourselves..."   Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell