Still Life

unrelated items that don't interact
cat paw, flip phone, SD plug, tape measure


Driving while Inbred

I finally figured out why drivers in Riverside County don't respond correctly when seeing a turn signal.  The correct response is to slow down and allow the driver with their blinker on to merge.  However the majority of drivers in Riv. County are cross-eyed from inbreeding. They see two lights flashing and think it is so idiot driving with their flashers on.


Hillary Clinton wants Mandatory Fun for all? Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hillary Clinton thinks making peoples lives miserable is fun

He daughter Chelsea at "age 8,  picked a German-language camp "because daddy studied German in college." 
Chelsea's week at German camp in Michigan was "the worst week," 


Is there a proper way to apologize?

I have some thoughts on the matter.

Saying sorry means I acknowledge there is a problem.  It also means I want to continue guessing what the problem.  It also means (I think) I know what caused this and I don't want any additional input from you because (I think) I know what you are thinking and feeling.

Here is an alternative:

Do you forgive me?
Can you forgive me?

This leaves room for the conversation to begin where two people are actually communicating in the here and now.

The answer could be:
"Yes I can forgive you"  "Can you understand I would like the opportunity react in my own way without having to calculate my reactions to fit some planned out strategy?"  
"There are a million conversation waiting to be had."


Starbucks new campaign

talking about race issues will distract you from their horrible tasting coffee

Japan: Death threats to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

The Japanese are upset.  They don't want to deal with a Kennedy they want an Elvis impersonator, or Bobby Trendy.

WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT prepared to share the responsibility

Okay so I listened to a podcast and a person was talking about letter writing.  This person loves to talk poetically and present them self as if they are the ponderer of deep thoughts.  Okay that's fine.  The problem is when this person thinks their deep thoughts should be my deep thoughts and tells me I'm mentally unwell because I challenge the wisdom in their deep thoughts.  Then becomes confused because I don't want to correspond with them.  I wonder if they will deep think an apology to facilitate a new conversation.   At this rate I'll be dead and buried 100 years before that thought sprouts.