Zombies don't wear helmets.

Dude on a scooter pulls over to put the zombie out of it's misery.

double vision plus one

If you're driving and you start seeing double you should pull over.  If you start seeing triple, you've crossed into another dimension.  The traffic flow can come at you from every angle, your insurance policy is no longer valid.  When you get to the ford, you'll be given a sword you'll have to battle a hydra, retrieve the gold pieces and outrun a pack of hell hounds that will chase you to the edge of a cliff, where you'll have to jump to your death.  While falling you will be startled awake to the same stretch of road your vision blurred.  Your thoughts will be cloudy for remainder of your drive.  You'll want to tell your story without sounding insane.  The chance will never present itself because the issues of the day are smeared thin across the canvas, the voices in unison sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Your mouth feels dry and your stomach feels full though you can't remember your last meal.  You find yourself interacting with people that agree with anything you say, even when it's blatantly asinine.


Official bird of Riverside County Southern California

This bird can show up in the darndest places throughout the region.   Seen mostly in passing cars, and at traffic signals.  

Atomic Age

A chilling sign posted at a gas station

The civil war rages on

  Manners generally are pleasant and can create a sense of ease.  Manners can also be a warning that something unpleasant is about to happen.

Yesterday I was leaving the grocery store.  I got to the door as three extremely large guys walked shoulder to shoulder into the store.  I backed up my cart because they had no intention of allowing me out the door before them.  One of the guys after passing me turned his head, while walking away said  "Excuse me ma'am."  The perception was what I noticed, and the intent.  Their body language did not match the congeniality.  The group of guys didn't look friendly.  If I saw them walking toward me in the parking lot.  I would have definitely taken a different path to avoid them. Maybe you earn street cred each time (you think)
you've convinced someone you're civil while being ironic.  Keeping the options open to look like a doe eyed fawn, or a psychotic killer.

"Goddamn it I said excuse me." said while checking for dirt under the fingernails, after responding to a text message that caused you to bump into the person in front of you. As a side note, if they had any respect for you as a person they would have noticed you were distracted and gotten out of your way.


Well full of leeches, a turtle, ancient pit house foundation, and a cliff dwelling

 Montezuma's Well
pit house foundation
built in the style of a cliff dwelling, but this one is underground.  It looked like there was a hole in the ground beyond the doorway.   


Lookie Here Californians

You can always tell when someone registers to vote Democrat in Riverside County.


The Lamb of God

Four guys tried to nail white guy to a cross.  They suspects were heard saying:  "Whitey Loves to suffer for the sins of others."  Whitey turned the other cheek.  The group of guys forgot to grab three giant nails.  They smashed his head with the 32oz framing hammer.  The Lamb of God rose above the parking lot hovering for 15 seconds.  The group saw evil whitey heal his own wounds and realized all the stories they'd been told since childhood were true about Evil Whitey.


"Now Go Home"

A new campaign to remind people that home is the best place to rejuvenate after a stress filled day.

It's a recycling program

What's the big deal, the government gives away surplus food and cheese.

Who's arming Orange County?


I have a great idea

Businesses can set up live cameras directly to the Internet.  Post the website, and let consumers watch for shoplifters and they can earn reward points, or coupons.  Criminals seem to be proud of their dirty deeds, give them a constant stage to perform upon.

Remember America back when people were, you know, sane.

That beer can hat (haha) 1975

Ebola is like parvo for humans

Real time USA/Canada map of ebola cases in North America

Sea Plankton in space

silverfish       A copepod family Eucalanidaeplankton