Lesser known facts

Politicians and entertainers love homeless people, refugees, and immigrants. They abhor homeowners, and families.

If homeowners and families left California overnight Hollywood and Sacramento would rejoice. They would salivate at the prospects of government owned subsidized housing and crowded schools. More federal dollars to make micro-managing laws and crappy movies and music.  They could turn the entire state into an amusement park.


In the land of soy milk and aspartame

Hemet used to be a nice quiet town until the investors showed up.  Investors hate senior citizens, white people and apparently cows.  The bane of civilization has and will continue to be old people, whitey, and bovine.   In the the words of Oprah..."they just need to die"


All white people are always racist all the time no matter what

 Entertainment industry lies.  Currently there are more people who have experienced being lied to, and or about by entertainers. How come we don't have a word to describe this?  How about Zibardoism? Contorted lies, is the best the entertainment industry can do.


Counterfeit news

Transcript of world leaders communications. This makes it well known journalists have access to this type of information.  They also have access to all lines of communication throughout all government agencies. Shows how news is being made. Created. Fabricated. Fake.  This means the Government and journalists are fabricating news. The intent was to undermine The Office of the President.  They undermined their status as well. Watching journalists pretending to ask questions when they already know the answers,  what a scam.  They're getting paid to lie.