Why aren't adult diapers marketed toward everyone with a busy lifestyle

If you eat or drink something it is going to come out.  Simple logic right?  If you are sick it is probably going to come out faster, right?  If you are on medication it might come out more often.  Don't wait until the last explosive second, when it turns into a dire emergency.   

I want to add to the list of certainties in life:
  • death
  • taxes
  • bowel movements
  • urination

The sign out front read: House of Whores

Police: Man sexually assaulted haunted house patrons

What is scarier than a white dude wearing a sheet? A complete stranger humping your face in an abandoned house. Maybe the guy thought he was being realistically scary.



Mexico City Journal; Anniversary of '68 Massacre Brings Facts to Light

Published: September 14, 1998

Mexican Teacher Protests Turn Up Heat on President

Teachers, States Protest Mexico’s Education Reform

MAY 16, 2014

by AQ Online

Protesters burn Mexican city’s government offices over suspected murder of students

 October 13


Is it possible to always have at least 6 pennies?


The conceptual radar

let's just say a few ideas go unnoticed.  Only being able to identify something you are aware of makes many things invisible, important things, simple things.  Things that allow one to navigate murky issues.  Passed along from generation to generation forgotten people speak to other forgotten people, always ending with shhhhhhhhh.



How to survive in the modern world

Talk, act, and reason like a 12 year old and you'll be just fine.  Remember back when everything seemed wonderful, and life was easy?

without a threshold

When darkening the doorway she wondered, does this shadow make me look fat?

recipe for a strange cookie

Take one human
Place on planet earth
Turn once daily (24 hours)
Put human in various situations to acquire knowledge
Ask human various questions
If human answers correctly (demonstrating intelligence), refrain from reacting as to not allow human to know they are correct.
Treat human like they are invisible.
It won't take long for human to become a strange cookie.
No baking or refrigeration required.
Enjoy your strange cookie from a distance with a glass of milk.
Sleep well, sweet dreams, earthlings.

A smorgasbord of what you ignore

Supposedly an internet video caused the siege on the compound in Benghazi Libya.  Videos released of masked men supposedly beheading people.  People making videos of young adults and teenagers violently attacking ordinary people, just for fun.  Does this create better humans?  Does this make the world a better place?  Does the camera stop anyone from behaving badly, or does the camera just cause more bad behavior.  Does the camera capture the true essence of the human condition or does it capture an evil design.  Does the camera give voice to a voiceless entity, a body to a disembodied reality.  If the camera creates a life out of nothing where can I see this reality in the real world?  If the camera makes real the supernatural why can't it survive without an electric cord or a battery?
Vanity pays your bills, while the truly oppressed gorge themselves on what you ignore.  There's plenty left over for a second helping.  Allow me to measure the ounces of vanity dripping from your wound.  Allow me to name your wound; Vanity.

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I can hear the Atheists applauding. Pleased with themselves and their conquest of Christianity.

Huff and puff makes being Catholic a news item

A Catholic Church built by Polish immigrants what?  But but what about all the pedo priests and the atrocities committed in the name of God?  How can they leave the building standing?  There must be a very drunk editor that let this story get past their desk.  Someone is going to loose their job for this.


hidden treasure

October is the month to remember people who lived.  Their lives meant something to those who knew them.  Unknown to the rest of the world but important memories unrecorded.  Unrecorded memories because only some people are deemed important enough to document.  If a person was to consider the contributions of forgotten lives and compare that to a real world that exists today.  The real world that leaves many scratching their head wondering how on earth some people are signed to entertainment contracts.  The real world that is controlled by squeaky wheel issues.  Imagine a doctor being honored for preventing a wound from healing.  Displaying a gruesome gory wound so the doctor is always being talked about.  The doctor is always given a platform to discuss a point of view.  Anyone that dares ask why it has taken so very long for the wound to heal is marginalized.  Political wounds not allowed to heal.  The attention to detail to prevent the natural healing process could be seen as psychotic.  However that type of conversation will never happen.  No matter how obvious the reality presents itself.  No matter how simplistically it is explained.  The notion of free thought will always be a hidden treasure.


It's that time of year to be scary

I can see current and realistic thought is too scary for your stage of mental development.   
What has it been 20 years now?

Political jealousy

Hypatia ultimately fell "victim to the political jealousy which at the time prevailed."

torture device