Lose control of your senses acquire aspic brained nirvana. Jiggle jiggle

Planned parenthood attempts to bridge the gap between themselves and gun owners by offering free targets made from sonogram images.
Gun clingers won't be able to resist the free targets.  While honing their skill at precision shooting.  Each target will come with which body parts need to be saved for science.



California lying in state

A few nights ago I met with friends in town.  The street people were thick near the coffee shop.  Drawn there because of the free wifi.  An enterprising fellow concocted a believable enough tale of woe.  I would have got up and walked away had it not been for the frail walking dead dog he had on a leash.  I offered to buy his dog food.  I bought food for the man as well.  The longer he stuck around the layers of his story peeled back enough to expose the con artist.   The conversation turned into what are good reasons to kill a person. The two cons and their sickly dog got up and left as the convo developed.  It was interesting how the mass conscience of the group were all feeling an urge to kill while in their presence.  When a group of people start to pick at the threads of civilisation and it starts to unravel.  They are going to be overrun by the mending process.  When street people have to contend with silly rules they devise and chaos ensues.  They shouldn't be surprised by the results.   It could have been the moon that was pulling out those blood thirsty primitive urges.  It could have been the mood set by the cons.  The undeniable reality is the feeling that overcame us was real.  The older members in the group left before the dark tone swept over that area.


Bat Boy tries to clear up some confusion

The harmonic convergence is actually the harmonica convergence.  When all the letters of the American alphabet are played on corresponding harmonicas simultaneously. Jesus will come back to Riverside County and play his banjo.

Batboy comed out of retirement to share this exclusive story

I think it has become too obvious to ignore. The fact that all the press passes in existence have been given to idiots.  That is the sole criteria necessary to obtain one.


The chosen

They want to build up the people who didn't make it so they will try again next time.  I know what he did wasn't easy. I know only 5 people in the room knew the truth. As the conversation focused on the people who didnt make it. I waited thinking someone would have mentioned what really happened.  They didn't.  The subject got changed.  The people who needed encouragement got it.  That is how that stuff works.  I saw it as typical behavior.  I think it reminded me of how many times I've not gotten noticed for something I've done that I thought was amazing.  I noticed people are chosen to be elevated above other people.  It is a game.  A true nature of humans.


Teachers a dreadful species

Why do some teacher think they are above question?  A generalization about teachers I've noticed to be mostly true.  I have found them disappointing to deal with in the real world.  Yesterday after having to contend with an excessively disagreeble teacher, my anguish subsided when the next customer was enjoyable and fun.  She was a lunch lady.  --her words--   I'm not sure what coronation ceremony takes place that crowns teachers as royalty. I'm sure it is some sort of psychosis, waiting to be labelled.  Whatever it is it must be a horrible affliction to have to create scenerios to roll play as a Royal forced to walk amongst peasents.