Arthur Brown has a message for the dribble dick Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown's says: We will continue to allow zone changes for poorly planned housing tracts in California.  Forseen disasters are the new normal in California

Arthur Brown sings Fire

Fire, to destroy all you've done.
Fire, to end all you've become.
I'll feel you burn

Watch him sing it:

Fire up the hill from me right now


You can qualify to be California Stupid contact the Registrar of Voters to sign up today

Now, if you steal somebody’s car, instead of going to jail, you may just be issued a citation. Driving a vehicle you legally own over the speed limit could literally result in a larger fine than stealing somebody else’s ride.
Maybe it’s a clever, back-door way of fighting childhood obesity. “Johnny, why do you keep sitting in front of that TV playing Grand Theft Auto indoors when you could be out in the warm sunshine stealing actual cars?!”


The Affordable Care Act is in fact land grab

Estate Recovery

Excerpt: "... a state may recover any assests
of the deceased recipient" (to help recover costs
for medical assistance provided by the government)


Good Night Hillary

Every time the media puts Hillary on to the television I say: "Good Night Hillary."

Good Night Hillary

'The Walton's' style

Gretchen Carlson - Turkish Viagra - $20 Million Dollars

Gretchen vs Greta

You my have won the $20 Million jack off  pot.
You lose when it comes to appearing concerned.
Go on and eat that dick-cle on a park bench in Central Park during a unseasonable cold front, whatever it takes to stop you from talking, and typing. 
You can always go home and get warm after the photo op. 


Two Horrifying Stories... Extra Extra...yuck

Human Feces

Home security camera catches Amazon driver pooping in driveway

By Ben Hooper  |  Dec. 1, 2017 at 10:31 AM

How often do unauthorized persons have access to food in restaurant kitchens in the USA.(Keep in mind a strain of hepatitis was linked to a San Diego restaurant that was connected to homeless migration between Los Angeles and San Diego)

Man finds Waffle house staff sleeping. Cooks his own meal.


Pocahontas on the warpath (CNN the embarassment of lib. narrative)

Elizabeth Warren says "My grandma was a Cherokee Princess"

Elizabeth Warren 'really couldn't believe' Trump's 'Pocahontas' comment

US destroyer damaged by transport ship

To think there are r-tards out there wanting us to be transported in driverless cars. And they can't get across the ocean without a collison.

The Affordable Care Act roles out the 2018 mandates early Kill Whitey

Everyone remembers pajama guy.
Here's the new ACA poster for the Kill Whitey mandate.

Bringin' Home The White Boy
The Other White Meat
Free range fed the finest organic fruits and veggies.
Lean meat. Ample exercise.
You'll be getting the highest quality white person before it had a chance to go on a murderous rampage, conquest, or embezzlement scheme.  
You can help bring peace on earth by eating a white person.


Who is packaged those realities?

Remember when the Mel Gibson was the hollywould bad guy?
Remember when only Catholic priests were pedofiles?
Remember when Ronald Reagan was the antichrist?

Remember when white people were the one true evil?  You don't need to remember this one since this has yet to be debunked. In fact this has gotten more true. How could it be truth getting more true. I don't know either but thar it is.

The Pope

When the Pope speaks it sounds like he is addressing 10th century peasants. Now I know why. 

Hitler's völkisch fantasies were derived from 10th-century thinkers who had produced a number of ... to the Urals, which the Volk could fill with peasant farmers (once the Slavs had been exterminated. )

 Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in Latin America, particularly Argentina


Tom Herck targets a minority

This (supposed) art is saying.  The world is becoming overpopulated with dimwits that don't know how to form opinions. They just know how to eat, poop, have sex, and kill. 

The artist asks: Who's going to fund my other ridiculous ideas since I'm unable to speak plainly.  Keep in mind tattoos are expensive and I like to travel to nonChristian places.

a cruciform cow has been erected as art at the center of a consecrated Catholic church. 

Catholics came to pray and demonstrate in front of the religious building where occasional Masses are still read, 

the Flemish are no longer interested in “insufferably tedious Masses.”

contemporary art, by far the most important part of an opus resides in the “discourse” – or, more appropriately, gibberish – that surrounds it