suspect gets kicked in the nards in San Bernardino

Screw that idiot he stole a horse and beat it to make it run, then hanked it's head around. 
I want an update on the horse.
No one cares about some low life in San Berdo 

Is the fashion industry being funded by drug smuggling?

I don't know how anyone can make money off the crap for sale in department stores.


This should horrify Californians, but will it?

Board Members 2013
State Water Resources Control Board Members
From left:  Dorene D'Adamo; Vice Chair Frances Spivy-Weber; 
Chair Felicia Marcus; Steven Moore, and Tam Doduc

These are the people

That call living in the desert an emergency drought

This how they plan to keep building and moving people to California

Charo - Malagueña

Yesterday I was talking with a co-worker, who is in her 20's.  
She  never heard of Charo.  
I wanted to see what Charo has been involved with lately. 

No such thing as a variety show anymore.


Sentencing Delayed for Priest Who Ran Meth Ring


Typical OC Couple, Tied with Priest


Connecticut priest who ran meth ring pleads for leniency

Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 10:59 am

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A suspended Roman Catholic priest who authorities say dealt pounds of methamphetamine and bought a sex shop to possibly launder his drug money is asking a federal judge for leniency when he is sentenced next week.

Here is a link to Interfaith Summit if you're interested in listening:

I listen to this and I cringe at the possibilities.  I have so much to say but talking to the wall is talking to the wall.

The gilded cage. The fantasy world of entertainment and politics.

A few years back I was spoke to.  Yes this woman spoke to me, it was an odd encounter.  She seemed like like a nervous woman who was on the wrong side of the tracks.  This woman was not accustomed to shopping in stores with shopping carts.  She had no trouble at all letting me know she thought I was a peasant.  Anyhow after she felt she had established herself above me she began telling me she worked for a couple of guys that made big deals in Hollywood.  She was their confident and managed their finances.  She was used to telling people what to do, and was lamenting the limited selection of goods.  She was looking for  something specific which is what brought her into a store in a neighborhood that was far beneath her.  Someone was having a baby.  She seemed delighted with the Hollywood agents that called her for matronly advice.  She told me a few details about them that gave me a sort of clearly defined visual of possibly college buddies, childhood neighbors or some other type of deeply bonded guys that were  lifelong friends.  Anyhow I do marvel at humans who have never had to think outside of their own little world.  The chosen people who for them everything was created.  Within this bizarre incident this woman said very plainly education was not important especially for someone like myself that worked minimum wage.  That foundation of truth is the best kept secret in Hollywood and Politics.
This morning I saw an online news story about agents defecting from one agency and going to another.  Yes they used the word defecting.  Anyway for some strange reason it made me think of that woman, and the world that is entertainment/politics.  Yes entertainment and politics are the same.


Lifetime Title Holders

Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Rev. A.R. Bernard,

I listened to this chat session on a recent car trip.  What I heard over all else: The problems, the conflicts in the modern world are the fault of America.  More specifically it was said America's presence is the root cause of conflict.  Going one step deeper the freedom of individual choice.  Which I think these men were primarily concerned with.  How to get people to walk through the doors of your religious institution so each of these men (and others like them) can retain their titles:  Reverend, Rabbi, Imam, Cardinal.


Human eyes can't see a heart of gold

Yesterday I went to a MAC meeting for the unincorporated community of Meadowbrook.  The plan is to develop a piece of land that is the site of the Good Hope Mine.  April 15 the planning commission is going to make their final vote.
 I haven't attended a politically charged meeting in quite awhile.  Mostly because of my work schedule.  I also stayed away because I thought maybe I was being stupid for wasting my time going to informative meetings.  However yesterday I realized something.  I like going to those weird meetings.  I have to confess I like politics. The same developer has his signs on several sites in Homeland along Hwy 74.  So anyhow Perris is changing, the money is flowing into Perris I presume because of the Metro link station.  When I have time I am going to take pictures because it's amazing to see the difference.

When I bought a piece of property in unincorporated Perris in 1985 I remember getting a letter asking if property owners where interested in zone changes that would bring apartments and commercial to the area. Many election cycles, and economic mood swings later the County of Riverside's intent is beginning to take shape.

I had a chance to make a few points about why developments in certain areas of Riverside County are more successful than others.  I don't think the man heard a word I was saying and he kept calling me Sandy.  Which is typical since people generally can't remember my name, and if they do something weird happens to prevent a normal dialog from taking place.

It is an interesting phenomenon how life has had it's way with me.  The reason I left Perris, and sold my interest in that piece of property was over a religious dispute with the person I bought the property with. Oddly enough in the US mail yesterday I received an invitation to join the same church for their Easter celebration.  I still feel the same about that particular church as I did back then.   Some people chose their battles over money. I chose to take a stand about my right to think what I want.  It is a mildly interesting story.  The main point being don't follow people make up your own mind, and life will always show you the path.


I miss the Good Ol' Days of MySpace

Way back when MySpace was fun.  Then someone took a big watery crap and flushed.  All gone.

100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack


Best Band That Doesn't Really Exist 

100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack

Who is that freaky guy -- the one gazing at us creepily from the walls of Cleveland's finer rock-and-roll-hellhole bars and indie record stores? The guy with "100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack" scrawled across his giant forehead. Turns out he's the poster boy for an imaginary band, the side project of local musician Robbie Stevens. It's hard to find 100,000's CD, Welcome to the Fold, these days, despite its brilliant song titles like "Ace Frehley's Attack of the Meat People" and "Licking the Balls of Satan Out on the Open Highway"; word is, Stevens took all his copies back from local record stores when he briefly moved to L.A. But his bumper stickers have left a leering legacy all over town