I Can't Breathe a multi cultural translation

An international secret the freshest air in the world is on an airport runway.  The jet engines circulate the air.

Hangzhou plane passenger opens emergency exit for 'fresh air'

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  • 2014-12-17
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I can't breathe

When I can afford the material I am making this into a wearable shirt.

Symbiotic economics

Von's is closing in Hemet
Kmart closed in Hemet
There are still two Super Wal Marts in the valley.  I don't know anyone who shops at them.  Most people I know have either been a victim of crime or know someone who has in one of the Wal Mart parking lots. Several businesses around Wal Mart have been robbed including two where employees were left tied up in a backroom.  I guess it won't be long and the only people in the Hemet Valley with money will be School District employees and welfare recipients.  To save money we should just cut out the middle man just go straight to welfare.  The School District employees can be transitioned to welfare so they can keep their medical benefits.  The Teachers Union can be turned into protest organizers and have quarterly protest parades around town demanding more water from the sky, and bubble making machines around town to make frolicking more enjoyable for the 70,000 people living in the valley.


A public service announcement: How to Confuse the Issue.

Don't say I can't breathe in public if you are having difficulty breathing.  People will think you are a protester and just walk on by.   You can always try the Universal Sign for choking.  Hopefully people won't think you're making a YouTube prank video.  Oh yea and if you are getting raped yell fire, or if you're old fashioned just faint.  Pretend like you don't remember anything.  You can always write a book if the rapist becomes famous after seeking regression therapy.

Have yourself a very non Metric Christmas. 12 Days of Christmas...

  Have sex with an Atheist it confuses them.

This year the Three navigators found Jesus in front of the router.  
Hiding from the evil King Herod
and all his evil minions trying to steal this joyful season.

The Chinese love American Christmas


The Largest Union in the USA

National Education Association (NEA)

could explain why they are untouchable?

Why is it

you can eat alphabet cereal, or alphabet soup and poop and pee a number 1 or a number 2?


A Camarillo resident being interviewed on TV

He was talking about the sounds outside and how he went to look out the window.

Tore open the shutters and through up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.

Okay in all seriousness he begin to talk about how he felt lulled into safety by the construction that had taken place during the October repairs to the hillside.  Anyhow I thought it sounded funny how it seemed to follow the Twas the Night Before Christmas story line.

Oh Boy. . delt_ adolph_ a: dint's: And then Satan said... "Put the alphabet in math". Not again, Satan And then humanity put the greek alphabet in math too. And

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When life passed out scripts I put mine in the paper shredder

Willfully ignorant

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Online Voting Contests When the public strikes back:

A campaign against tobacco use A tobacco cigarette will you you, and it's second hand smoke will kill the person next to you, even third hand smoke can kill.

While smoking marijuana is considered medicinal, nutritious, and magically delicious.


How come this isn't one of the 10 Commandments?

Thy anus shalt be exit only.
Especially since 8, 9, 10 seem to be redundant.
I'm not exclusively referring to penis either.  Maybe there is no Latin or Hebrew translation for head in your rectum.  It doesn't take much of a history lesson to find plenty of examples of people having their heads up their butts.

Just because no one calls you on your nonsense doesn't mean they don't see what you are doing

The latest in shoplifting

This is a favorite scam for drug addicts and street people.  They stuff their pockets with the items they want. Act like they are shopping, stand in line.  Allow the cashier to ring up dummy items.  When the total due is tallied they pat their pockets and say "I forgot my wallet, I'll be right back."  Thus making it look like, on camera, they made a transaction.  They never return to purchase the items they acted like they were purchasing.

The next scenario is a favorite scam for white women, sometimes Fundy Christian women.  They purchase a long list of items.  They return to the store within a week.  They stuff the old shopping bag in their pocket with the receipt.  They walk through the store and pick up previously purchased items to match the receipt.  Stand in line to return stolen items acting like it is a legitimate return.
A - How do I know they are stealing?
B - How do I know they are Fundy Christian?

A - Inventory tracking.  stock on hand versus stock sold.
B - Employees knowing these woman by first name, because they attend the same church.

One woman had her grandson with her.  She pinched him to make him cry trying to create a distraction.   There is such a wealth of psychosis in the American populace.  I your humble servant am just shining light onto the dimly lit souls walking dead eyed amongst us.

This post could easily segue into child abuse in public places.

but why? Baring your soul

The Dingo ate my homework

White Privilege

bang head here X

Another young person doesn't make it through the guantlet

Ronin Shimizu taunted at several schools before suicide

12/09/2014 3:25 PM 

12/09/2014 10:23 PM

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“He was good at it,” said Meixner, an assistant wrestling coach at Folsom High. “He was better than some of the girls out there. It was almost like second nature to him – the somersaults and handsprings – but they teased him so bad.”
Ronin ultimately gave up cheerleading in April, tired of the constant harassment, Meixner said.

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Public Education - The Sacred Cow

Where are the protestors?  Where is the outrage? Where are the organized groups laying down in the road stopping traffic?

Why Was a 6-Year-Old Handcuffed at School?



The changeling english language

mouse over - moving computer device to activate cursor
mouses - more than one cursor activating device

in the real world mouse over could mean to sneak undetected
in the real world more than one mouse would be called mice, but in the future it might sound normal to say mouses

like the fairy child switched for a human baby...what can anyone do?