Saw this guy perform at the company Christmas party

He performed while the guests ate dinner.   It would be difficult to compete with food, but he managed to put on an excellent performance along with his band.


Full up

Visual on what has happened to art, entertainment, music, science, journalism, politics, religion, charity, stupidity.

Can Do



Digging up buried wires to steal copper.  Did this make to the 6 o'clock news?  No.  Oh silly me how would I know I don't have television service.  Thanks to a group of wonderful people who had a good idea.  Dig up wires to recycle the copper.   Inching toward the inevitable Third World winner takes all status.  I guess what goes next is power, gas, water.  As We the People sit and wait for the marauders to invade our neighborhoods.  On the bright side I have mandated health insurance in case I get my throat slit.  Scavenging and living hand to mouth is natural for humans.  Morals and ethics have gotten us nowhere.  Of course recycling is good.  It's eliminating waste.  It's being resourceful.  It sounds holistic.  It creates jobs.  I want to highlight as well, the benefits of the third world lifestyle.  Politicians and religious leaders fill their drool cups to overflowing.  Artists and actors find inspiration in the desperate lives of other people.  Should prove to be a renaissance for entertainment.  Think of all the joy created entertaining the beleaguered.  Collecting gifts in toy drives.  Gathering bags of unwanted clothes and shoes.   Flours sacks and bags of rice.   Thinking of sitting all day and waiting for the helicopters to drop things into a nearby field creates a romantic setting.  As I frolic in the fields of tall grasses bare foot wearing a long flowing dress.  Sleeping under the shade of a lone tree.

Ego centric news

How come it isn't obvious. If news were real and about real people it would ego centric.  We would be able see the entire person develop not rating based socially engineered oddities. The media has been trying to accustom our view of the world.  We are expected to believe as truth no matter how impossible the script.


Old Glory

There was a time in America a woman could purchase a white bra with the strap ends unfinished.  It had a slide where you could make the strap longer or shorter.  If the strap end was visible at the neck line (or shoulder on a short sleeve top) it was considered embarrassing.  'Your flags are flying' meant your undergarments are showing.  It wasn't ladylike.  It was also considerate to let other women know they were being overly patriotic.  Back then 'keeping the old flag up' was thought of as a national duty, but without advertising.

Star Rider Foreigner


The magic potion

The magic potion that brings success.  It isn't magic.  Look at ICQ, Bitcoin, Omnichannel.  Stop acting like there is something organic going on.  Specifically predetermined chosen few.  Suddenly trying to look coy demure and altruistic.

That sickening feeling creeps in when you realize you've been swindled by your own greed. That feeling is the magic.  So sorry to those who can no longer feel it.

So many sorrows go unfelt



Satan's Sadists (1969)


There is a feeling that has not been named. It doesn't get much attention. It can likely explain plenty of unexplored feelings or at least be a root cause of malaise. The realization that persons you are supporting in reality can't stand you.

Not sure why it seems impossible to reconcile. Live true to your feelings you will learn just how impossible it is.